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As part of our unwavering commitment to prioritize the health and safety of the entire Instacart community, we’re working closely with the CDC, public health officials and retail partners to make sure we’re taking the appropriate precautionary measures to keep our shopper community and customers safe. We’ve also developed and implemented additional safety resources, features, and offerings to ensure you’re supported.

Extended Pay Until The End of The COVID-19 Crisis:

We are offering up to 14 days of pay for any full-service shopper or part-time employee who is diagnosed with COVID-19 or placed in individual mandatory isolation or quarantine, as directed by a local, state, or public health authority. This assistance will be available throughout the duration of The COVID-19 crisis to ensure that the shopper community continues to be supported.

Sick Pay for In-Store Shoppers:

All Instacart part-time employees, including in-store shoppers, now have access to sick pay, an accrued benefit that can be used as paid time off if you are absent from work due to illness or injury.


Batch Cancellation:

If you are no longer able to shop the batch you accepted, you may choose to have the batch removed by selecting “cancel batch” up until the point you arrive at the store and begin shopping.

In-App Incident Reporting:

The safety and security of the shopper community is our first priority and we want to make it as easy as possible for shoppers to get the immediate support you need. In the Shopper app, in the “Your safety” section, you can now select “Safety incidents” and immediately begin an incident report.

To learn more about the latest tax credit and government aid options for independent workers, visit Stride Health's Independent Worker's Guide to COVID-19.




Mobile Checkout:

All shoppers in the U.S. can now use Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay at the register with just a tap of your phone, without needing to reach for your wallet or touch the keypad in front of you.

New Customer Default Tip:

All existing customers’ completed orders will now default to their last tip amount. We’re also removing the “none” option in the customer tip settings, requiring customers to manually change their tip to $0 if desired and making it less likely that a customer will remove the shopper tip altogether. Additionally, if a customer lowers the tip below 5%, the default will reset to 5% to ensure shoppers continue to have a baseline tip amount.

Batch Promotions for Full-Service Shoppers:

Full-service shoppers may be offered individual promotions based on their region, customer demand, and other factors. Promotions may vary from $2 to $4 per batch and will be shown on the batch acceptance screen. Additionally, shoppers may receive quest promotions with extra earnings up to $50 for completing several batches during a certain timeframe.

Shopper ID Verification:

Ensuring the security of your shopper account is extremely important. To help keep all shoppers’ accounts secure, we’re rolling out ID verification for all shoppers. With ID verification, you’ll be periodically prompted to take a photo of yourself to ensure that the person shopping matches the photo we have of you on file. This helps us confirm that shoppers are the only ones using their accounts, and nobody other than you is able to shop with your account.

Health and Safety Supplies: 

Our goal is to provide shoppers with the personal protective equipment (PPE) they need like hand sanitizer and face masks, without taking away valuable resources from healthcare workers given inventory delays and global supply scarcity. 

To ensure easy access to health & safety kits, shoppers can now order them directly from the Shopper app dashboard.

Health and Safety Kits:

We’re continuing to source health and safety kits for the shopper community. Our health and safety kits include a multi-layer face mask that is washable and reusable and a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer that will ship with a leak proof seal. Any active shopper can order a new kit free of charge, even if you’ve already ordered and received one. 

Visit this website or the shopper app dashboard to order.

“Leave at My Door” Delivery:

We’ve rolled out “Leave at My Door Delivery” as the default setting for all deliveries across North America. This new setting provides more flexibility and convenience for customers while ensuring Instacart shoppers can deliver items safely.

Close Work with Retailers:

We’re continuing to work with our retail partners to help streamline the in-store shopping experience for all shoppers. Certain retailers are permitting shoppers to enter through dedicated entrances to avoid long lines. Additionally, other retailers may be closing their doors to the general public and allowing only Instacart shoppers to shop in their stores. Shoppers can view any retailer-specific information in the Shopper app when they have accepted a batch from one of these retailers.

In-App Wellness Checks:

To help make it easier for you to monitor your health during this time, all shoppers now have access to a daily, in-app wellness check. This check helps you determine if you have any COVID-19 related symptoms, and provides guidance on what to do next if you are symptomatic. Before shopping, the in-app wellness check asks  questions about how you are feeling. If you have no symptoms, you can start shopping as usual. If you indicate you aren’t feeling well, you will be directed to contact your healthcare provider and refrain from shopping until you feel better. This is another way we’re ensuring the health of the shopper community is first and foremost, and helping keep the entire Instacart community safe during this time.

In-App Safety Hub:

We’re making it easier for you to access all of the safety resources you may need with a new in-app safety hub, found directly in the Shopper app and the Shopper Help Center. The new in-app safety hub will include information and tools on the most important safety matters. 

To visit the new safety hub, tap the “?” icon in your Shopper app and go to the “Your safety” section.

Emergency Assistance:

In the event of an emergency, we want to make it as easy as possible for shoppers to get the help you need. The new “Get emergency assistance” button will connect you with emergency services, as well as share critical information like your GPS location to make sure authorities can help get you the help you need. This new feature is being offered in partnership with ADT, who will connect with you and make sure you get assistance in case of an emergency. The emergency assistance feature can be found in the new in-app safety hub.

Face Mask Policy:  

We are proud to be able to serve as an essential service for households across North America during this critical time, but it’s paramount that we do this as safely as possible and that means it has to be a two-way commitment. To keep us all safe, we are calling on all shoppers to wear masks in stores and when they come in contact with customers, and asking customers to do the same.


To help ensure the shopper community has access to the care they need, Instacart is partnering with Doctor on Demand to offer free COVID-19 assessments and telemedicine appointments for shoppers nationwide.  Any shopper experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 may take the online assessment through Doctor on Demand to help them determine whether or not they need to seek additional medical attention. Based on the results of the assessment, shoppers can schedule a free telemedicine appointment with a doctor to discuss a possible COVID-19 diagnosis. As part of the partnership, Instacart will be covering the costs of the consultations and shoppers will have free access to telemedicine appointments to ensure they have access to care. If a shopper is clinically diagnosed with COVID-19, they will be eligible to receive up to 14 days of extended pay to provide financial support during their recovery.

Vaccine Support Stipend:  

We’re offering a COVID-19 Vaccine Support Stipend to ensure shoppers are financially supported as they take time away from shopping to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The stipend will be available for shift leads, in-store, and full-service shoppers beginning February 1, 2021. As the vaccine starts to become available in various areas, we’ll roll out new in-app messages sharing more details with eligible shoppers about how to apply for the stipend.

Vaccine Eligibility: 

At Instacart, we’ve been calling on the CDC and state and local elected leaders to support shoppers and follow the essential worker designation by including grocery delivery workers for early access to the COVID-19 vaccines. The CDC has made recommendations for vaccine rollout, with individual states finalizing their distribution plans. Shoppers should check their eligibility by visiting the CDC, which has links to all state health department websites. Canadian shoppers can visit Health Canada to view links to each province or territory’s local rollout plans.